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What?! Edible Cookie Dough at Disney Springs - Coming soon!!!

Everyone wants to eat raw cookie dough, but because of the risk of salmonella from the raw eggs and flour, the general rule of thumb is to be safe and avoid eating the gooey goodness.

Enter – Edible Cookie Dough

Someone out there wised up to the drive to eat the yummy fluff of the raw dough as a treat by designing it without eggs and in a safe recipe. The flour is cooked and the recipe has no eggs in the Edible variety, and the result has been a rise in stores opening up to serve the delicious desert, as well as numerous recipes popping up on the internet on how to make it yourself at home.

And just as wonderful? – Disney Springs will soon feature a food truck called Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet, which will carry just a few desert options with the theme of cookie dough goodness that will be almost as good as still sitting in Mom’s kitchen with that spoon full of cookie dough as she bakes those delicious treats – but without the risk and with the intention of eating a generous scoop of a delightful treat.

Expected later this month, the cart will feature creative deserts made with scoops of fluffy cookie dough, including taco varieties and a funnel cake version.

There are plans for two different types of tacos, including a candy monster variety called Springs Candy Taco that has whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and topped with a maraschino cherry.

The Celebration Parfait is built with not only a cake like cookie dough, but also a vanilla custard, for a bit of sophistication to these decadent varieties of indulgence.

My favorite, in terms of pure eye appeal, is the Minnie Mouse Taco, which has peanut butter fluff and a sweet Minnie bow made of chocolate!

When I next find myself in Florida and visiting Walt Disney World, I am definitely going to try out one of these confections, even if only for a few bites and a premium photo opportunity! I have not yet jumped on the Edible Cookie Dough bandwagon, but these beautiful deserts might just be worth the try!

But, if raw cookie dough isn't your thing - give chocolate covered bacon a try. Yes, at Jock Lindsay's Hanger Bar down in Disney springs, you can get a very different sort of convection - one with bacon! Try it after one of their gourmet burgers, and you won't be disappointed!

So…if you find yourself at Disney Springs, which is the shopping center in Walt Disney World, and you wander in near the food trucks take a moment to enjoy one of these almost sculptural creations and let me know what you thought! Or, be extra adventurous and try the chocolate covered bacon. Either way, it will be just one of the wonderful experiences of travel to Disney! Add a comment and a pic, giving us all a taste of what is new at Disney!

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