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Vera Bradley Polar Bear Christmas! The Beary Merry Christmas Collection

All kinds of wonderful things come out at Christmas - and Vera Bradley did not disappoint this year! This wonderful collection of polar bear inspired bags is an absolute delight. The grey velvet bag has the image of a polar bear, allowing just enough red on the scarf to speak to the season, while the grey on grey embroidery creates a sophisticated, yet humorous embellishment.

Of course, the tote is not the only thing that is in this rather impressive collection. Shaped pieces like the coin purse charm create an ensemble of pieces that can be used for travel. Whether it is a day trip or a longer holiday jaunt, this whimsical set can make your holiday visits just a little more fun!

There are both grey and garnet buffalo check coordinating pieces to add to this grouping, and of course a whole list of different types of bags and accessories to compliment your collection.

To find all of these wonderful goodies, go over to - These pieces are something special!

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