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The Wizarding World..Snow Capped Magic!

When I turned the corner in Islands of adventure, after feeling like I had walked forever to get this point in wondering if it had been a good decision on that particular day, I was met with snowcapped shops and the charm of a lovely village that I had not expected. I have been wanting to visit Universal Studios in Orlando in order to see the Harry Potter section, but on this particular day I went in that direction without much of a plan.

Traveling without a plan is not really a very good idea for me. Unfortunately, your travel frog has diabetes and that means planning is essential. Now, mind you, I don't particularly take care of myself the way that I should, but it does mean that it can be a problem. This particular day, I took off in the morning and just decided to see how long it was going to take to get to Universal Studios on my little pink Honda Metropolitan scooter because at present that is the only transportation that I have. It took over an hour – to go 30 miles. Okay, so Universal Studios is not just around the corner. Also, I hadn't eaten and walking Universal Studios is a long shot from the parking lot and they do not valet scooters it appears. I want to take this opportunity to report that not valeting scooters limited my ability to go to this wild, but wonderful place very often.

But, I digress. So I get to Universal Studios at about 12:30 and begin the long trek from the parking lot all the way to the back to get to Islands of Adventure. I had to wait in line in order to get my annual tickets that I purchased online and finally I got through the doors. This sent me on a journey that went through Dr. Seuss, and into the Lost Worlds where fantasy that is quite brilliantly reproduced seems to be both ancient and beautiful. Still, I had not reached my destination because although I've been to Universal Studios on many occasions I had not been there since it opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. When I turned that corner, my body slick with sweat because it was a very hot day and suddenly feeling kind of strange, I realized that it was still one of the happiest moments of my life as I saw the charm and exciting wonder that existed in this space. This was true happiness for a few moments and the only thing that made it better was the fact that I could get a frozen butter beer, which also came in a non-frozen variety, and enjoy one of the sweetest, yet highly sugar filled drinks I had in a long time. Although, if you caught the part about diabetes you know what happened next.

Yep, my sugar plummeted like a rock in a stream. With all the exercise of walking and the heat, not to mention flooding my system with sugar, I Suddenly, was shaking and the color completely drained from my face. I was not sure what was going on around me and began to make my way back thinking that I needed to perhaps go to a place where I could get something to eat. My first thought was Bubba Gump's for some of their lovely shrimp. However, that was all the way at the other end of the entire park and I wasn't going to make it.

What I did then was turn into a restaurant I've been in before, but had not been in quite a while. I went to Mythos. This restaurant is one of the finest dining experiences you will find in any realm, not just in Islands of Adventure in their Lost Worlds area. I walked in the door and apparently it could be seen on my face that something was not right. The hostess sat me down and I tried to think of what I should order because I couldn't come up with anything because my brain was befuddled by the drop in blood sugar. The hostess brought me a glass of orange juice which was perfect as I felt my body respond to the introduction of sugar once again. I then ordered this amazing salmon salad which fixed the rest of the problem.

I am certainly going to tell you more about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Diagon Alley in another post, but for now, realize that the people at these theme parks know how to take care of guests – even when they are clammy in 90 degree heat and white as the snow on the tops of the charming little village of Hogsmeade. I had to wait until my next trip to really see everything and enjoy this fantastic slip into the world that J.K.K. Rowling had created.

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