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Endgame at the El Capitan!

Updated: May 17, 2019

What better place to see the new and last film in the first cycle of Marvel hero films than at one of the grandest old theaters in Hollywood! On May 6 I had the opportunity to go see how it all ends at the El Capitan - and what an experience! I was mesmerized by the decor, the ambiance, and the....well, see for yourself!

The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California is one of three theaters that was originally built by Charles Toberman and Sid Grauman who also built the Egyptian, and Chinese theaters in Los Angeles. In 1926 the theater was a playhouse, but by 1941 it was converted into a movie theater where Orson Welles rented out the venue to screen his controversial film "Citizen Cane". After being the first theater to screen the film, it was closed for two years to be modernized and in 1943 opened as the Hollywood Paramount, showing first run films.

In 1989 the Walt Disney Company joined with the Pacifica Theater Company to invest in a museum quality restoration of the venue. On June 19, 1991 the theater was reopened to premier the film "The Rocketeer", as the first of many films that would premier at this newly restored classic movie theater.

The experience in the theater is magic. Even though we were there on a Monday morning, the film was still introduced by a host who talked a little about the theater before asking us to enjoy the film. The host told our rather small audience that over 20,000 people had been in the theater to see Endgame since it was released.

The great thing about the El Capitan is that they have experiences that go along with whatever film they are presenting. For the Nutcracker and the Four Realms, certain nights included dance groups giving a short performance before the movie. For Endgame, the costumes and props were on display. All films have a special fan night in the start of the run with surprises and fun special experiences.

The display for Endgame consisted of props and costumes. It was fascinating to see Thor's Hammer and Axe, as well as Loki's Helmet. They even had Dr. Strange's Eye that held the Time Stone.

My recommendation is if you get a chance to go to Los Angeles, see a film at the El Capitan! It is right across for Graumen's Chinese Theater and a Hard Rock Cafe - the streets are lined with the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, so you won't be disappointed!

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