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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: End of 2019 will be Crazy at Disney World!

The Star Wars themed areas in both the Anaheim, California and the Bay Lake, Florida areas are set to be some of the most revitalizing work done by a company that needs no revitalization. Disney is as popular as ever. They have built an empire of entertainment based on their various investments into characters, ideas, and magic. However, Star Wars is set to be a significant jewel in a crowd of many gems.

Official Concept Art,

It was at the D3 Expo 2015 where Bob Iger, CEO Disney announced to an audience that held more than 7500 fans that both parks were going to experience Star Wars on a level that would thrill and energize Star Wars franchise. Each of the Star Wars lands are going to cover more than 14 acres, where fans of Star Wars will be able see characters and stories come to life. The expansion is being overseen by Scott Trowbridge will be supervising the content that is put into both of these areas.

The world has at its fingertips the incredible concept art that is at the core of the plans for this area. However, few other details exist about when the lands will open and how many rooms will be in the fantastic hotel that is planned. However, because even Disney has to file permits with the South Florida water management District, more details about the hotel are beginning to emerge. The design of the hotel is based on a rectangular space, possibly existing as a boutique style hospitality venue. There may be a direct path to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, according to the way in which the plans have been reviewed.

This will be an immersive space, where visitors will become a part of the universe Star Wars. This will happen through costumes that visitors where, the feeling that you left Earth in a starship, and adventures that are not only part of the theme park experience, but inside the hotel itself. According to Disney Park and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek, guests of the hotel are going to be a part of the 100% immersive story in which every minute of being in the hotel and the theme parks is unfolding as an adventure. When in the hotel, don’t expect to look out and see a beautiful garden park. Visitors are going to have a cabin window that has a view of space.

Although slated for end of 2019, the Star Wars adventure does not yet have a specific opening date. There has been a large resistance group to the takeover of Star Wars by Disney, based on the perception that there is a problem with the way in which Disney has reimagined the Star Wars universe. What effect this will have on the development of a world specifically attuned to Star Wars aficionados and mega fans has yet to be determined. However, those of us who are mere mortals who are happy to write along the wave of the new and the Star Wars universe likely pretty excited about the idea of becoming a part of that world. Ariel only wanted the land – Disney is giving us the stars.

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