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Ahhh Monaco

I wanted to write about a memory of travel, since haven’t been traveling too much this summer. The body sometimes interrupts the hearts desires it seems. I traveled to Europe a few years ago and had the distinct pleasure of going to Monaco....such a place is Monaco. This principality on the border of Italy was a truly unexpected pleasure. I thought of wealth, the casino, and the beach when I thought of this destination, but what I found was so much more. There is a reverence that exists within the charm of the small city that leaves one breathless. The tour through the chapel where Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III are buried was both a solid experience and one in which there was a spiritual lightness. The soul can connect with something special and unique in this lovely little chapel light plays a significant role of streams in as a testament to what is uniquely special in its place.

The casino is an important part of the principality because it is the success of the casino that led the Grimaldis to eliminate tax on its inhabitants. The wealthiest France can set up their lives in Monaco without fear of finding their money whittled away by heavy taxation, however if you want to move there you must be wealthy. There is a minimum personal wealth required in order to move into the principality. Despite its great wealth, it is filled with things that are smaller and more appropriate to the brick lined streets and the charming village atmosphere that sits on the hill across from the casino and harbor. I was shocked as a UPS truck drove by, the size of the very small pickup truck in United States but enclosed. At the center of this little hamlet sits a chocolatier that creates amazing, small sweets that are as dainty as the village from which they come. I bought a box to take home to a friend who I thought would appreciate their origin – they never made it home.

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